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Multiple Office Corporate Accounts Programs™ quarterly survey subscriptions represent single site licenses, i.e., they apply to a single company office. For companies or organizations with multiple offices we offer several alternatives and additional services including quantity discounts, intranet compatible solutions, and programs administered by Prenax, Inc., a leading third party professional subscription service.

 Quantity Discount Program™ provides quantity discounts that vary based on the number of surveys as well as offices and length of contract. The minimum contract length is one year and payment may be made electonically or via U.S. Post.

In addition, for companies and organizations that utilize their own password protected intranet, we have developed a custom solution that dispenses with the need for additional user names and passwords.

For a price quote and/or more information contact:
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Bradenton, Florida 34280
Telephone: 941.281.2716

 Third Party Subscription Management Service™ has contracted with Prenax - a one-stop-shop for the world's print and online newspapers and magazines - which offers subscription management for companies and organizations and handles all the administration involved. Prenax Global AB is the parent company of the Prenax Group, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

Prenax is a unique service provider that administers subscriptions to both print and online domestic and international newspapers and magazines for businesses. There is no signup fee for the subscription management service; you pay for the service used when you order a publication. Prenax provides you with a single subscription, billing, and payment contact and 24-hour access to their database of newspaper and magazine titles on their Web site at

To establish a™ account with Prenax, go to and either log in to your existing or establish a new Prenax account and select the™ survey or surveys you wish to subscribe to and the offices that will have subscriber access. Your™ User Names and Passwords will be e-mailed to you.



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Third Party Subscription Management

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